227:228 Strand

Residential Development

227:228 Strand

Project size

12,500sq ft approx - 7 apartments

Project Description

Residential development

This is a redevelopment of an existing office building on London’s prestigious Strand.  Creating four 1 bed luxury apartments. Inspired by larger developments undertaken by Matt Scully Design Ltd at Buckingham Gate & 353 Strand, the design prioritises continuity and luxury despite the smaller footprint.

Each apartment utilises oversized doors, clever storage solutions, and breakfast bar kitchens to create a sense of space. The emphasis being on the iconic views over the Strand and the Royal Courts of Justice. The goal being to provide a luxurious living experience while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic with the surrounding iconic streetscape.

This project was running in tandem with the neighbouring 226 Strand development, the project expands to include 7 grand and luxurious 2 & 3-bed apartments, featuring duplex units with internal garden spaces and a remarkable 1800 sqft split-level penthouse boasting iconic views.